9 Matches In The NPFL-Gernot yet to be seen at any match venue

The recent show of quality by the NPFL teams in the 2020/21 season, shows how talented and skilled Nigerian Footballers are.

With these impressive performances, one would expect Rohr to act like his other counterparts by appearing in most league games. But after nine matches, Rohr is yet to be seen at any match venue apart from attending CAF champions’ league games between plateau united and Simba FC of Tanzania last year in Jos.

Instead of appearing in person, Rohr claims to monitor most games with his scouts on the NPFL TV (how hilarious)

With all the “monitoring and watching” – the national team is still lacking in home grown talent. If Rohr truly monitors these players’ performance like he claims, I believe he would’ve invited a couple of talented players having from the NPFL

With the exceptional talent of  Promise Damala of Wikki Tourist , Anayo Iwaula of Enyimba  the midfield maestro, Andrew Ikefe of Plateau united with his attacking flair …just to mention a few. Gernot Rohr should be having these talented lads in the national league.

If Gernot Rohr and his team are still yet to spot any talents in the NPFL , we think it’s time we started questioning his abilities in talent scouting and team building.

Gernot Rohr : NPFL talents deserve a chance

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